Best Young Researcher Presentation

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We are pleased to announce a competition for the Best Young Researcher Presentation the award winners are:

First place:

Justyna Wojtasik – Lódź University of Technology
for the presentation: Comparison of packed column and RPB unit used for CO2 absorption process

Second place:

Ulrich Preissinger – Ulm University
for the presentation: Considerations on the design of a pilot-plant-scale simplified multiple dividing wall column

Third place:

Piotr Cendrowski – Warsaw University of Technology
for the presentation: CFD modeling of droplet generation process using the electrostatic impulse method

The Competition Jury:

Prof. Dorota ANTOS – Rzeszow University of Technology

Prof. Jerzy BAŁDYGA – Warsaw University of Technology

Prof. Andrzej NOWORYTA – Wroclaw University of Technology

Dr Katarzyna DĄBKOWSKA, secretary – Warsaw University of Technology

The Jury will take into account:

  • the quality of the research presented,
  • precision and clarity of the presentation itself and of the speech provided by the presenting author,
  • opinions of the chairpersons of the oral sessions on presentations and speakers in the sessions they chaired.
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