Preliminary Social Events

Preliminary Social Events2018-06-27T10:12:24+00:00

Welcome Dinner
on 2 June 2019

A welcome dinner will take place inside the Windsor Conference Center & Hotel. During the event, a hot and cold menu will be served with wine and beer. An invitation to a welcome dinner is included in the registration fee.

Grill Party
on 3 June 2019

The grill party will take place in the gardens of the Windsor Conference Centre & Hotel. During the evening you can feel the relaxed atmosphere. To dance on real breaths and to feel like a country party. Hungry and thirsty! Grilled dishes with stronger drinks will be available entire the evening. An invitation to barbecue party is included in the registration fee.

Gala Dinner
on 4 June 2019

On the last evening, we invite you to the Windsor Hotel Ballroom for a farewell dinner. Guests sitting at round tables will be able to taste own menu cooked specially for this evening by the chef of the Windsor Hotel. An invitation to Gala Dinner is included in the registration fee.

Accompanying Person Program
Cruise on the Narew River

A cruise on the Narew River, from where it flows into the Vistula (via Zalew Zegrzyński – Zegrzyński Lake and Bugonarew), is above all unforgettable views and fascinating landscapes. Narew is the only one in Europe and one of the three entangled rivers in the world (next to the Amazon and the Congo). Mostly it flows through several permanent water vibrations that merge and divide into wild islands, islets and ravines. The greater part of the river flows on the Polish side (448 km). The rest flows through Belarus, where the river has its source. It is a paradise for many species of birds and animals. During the cruise, with a bit of luck, we can meet heron, cormorant, crane, extremely rare, black stork or owl. As a lowland river creates vast areas of marshes, swamps and peat bogs. This is a place where there are elks and wild boars. Wild escarpments make it possible to stop rivers where the tourist foot rarely reaches among others in the White Forest.

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